Marketing Management II

About this course: In this course, you will further examine how businesses create value for customers. In Marketing Management I, you learned the major elements of the marketing mix - product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing - and saw how they fit within different analytical frameworks that are useful to managers. In this course, you will complete a more detailed analysis of these elements in order to conduct a thorough strategic analysis of marketing opportunities and communicate marketing decisions. This will enable you to see “marketing in action” in the business world. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: • List all elements of the marketing mix • Explain the role each element plays in creating value • Compare different pricing models • Evaluate the use of different channels of distribution by existing businesses • Critique advertising execution • Create a persuasive advertising piece This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price.

Created by:  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Hayden Noel
    Taught by:  Hayden Noel, Assistant Clinical Professor
    Department of Business Administration, College of Business
Basic Info
Commitment4 weeks of study, 6-8 hours/week
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Course Orientation
You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course. 
2 videos6 readings1 practice quiz
  1. Video: Welcome to Marketing Management II
  2. Video: Meet Professor Hayden Noel
  3. Reading: Syllabus
  4. Reading: About the Discussion Forums
  5. Reading: Glossary
  6. Reading: Brand Descriptions
  7. Practice Quiz: Orientation Quiz
  8. Reading: Updating Your Proflie
  9. Discussion Prompt: Getting to Know Your Classmates
  10. Reading: Social Media
Module 1: Distribution (Place)
In this module, you will learn what is meant by the term distribution and its importance for companies. We will explore the different channel strategies and channel decisions that marketers need to make based on the product or service they are offering.  
6 videos2 readings
  1. Reading: Module 1 Overview
  2. Video: Module 1 Introduction
  3. Reading: Module 1 Readings
  4. Video: What is a Distribution Channel
  5. Video: Channel Decisions
  6. Video: Channel Design
  7. Video: Channel Management
  8. Video: Disintermediation
Graded: Module 1 Peer Review Assignment
Graded: Module 1 Quiz
Module 2: Pricing Strategy (Price)
An important element of the 4 Ps is Pricing. While all the other Ps focus on creating value, pricing helps companies to extract the value created. In this module, you will learn about pricing in marketing and the different considerations and steps involved in the pricing process.
5 videos2 readings
  1. Reading: Module 2 Overview
  2. Reading: Module 2 Readings
  3. Video: What is Pricing?
  4. Video: Pricing Approaches
  5. Video: Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions
  6. Video: Consumer Psychology and Pricing
  7. Video: Steps in Setting Price
Graded: Module 2 Quiz
Module 3: Marketing Communication (Promotion)
A strong brand allows companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors in their target market. To build a strong brand, marketers need to ensure that their messages to consumers are clear and consistent. In this module, we will learn how Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) help companies achieve this objective.
7 videos4 readings
  1. Reading: Module 3 Overview
  2. Reading: Module 3 Readings
  3. Video: Introduction to Promotion
  4. Video: The Communications Model
  5. Video: The Communications Mix
  6. Video: The Changing Communications Environment
  7. Video: Steps in Developing a Communications Plan
  8. Video: Evaluating Advertising
  9. Video: Online Advertising
  10. Reading: Case Memo Content Instructions
  11. Reading: Case Memo Format Instructions
Graded: Module 3 Peer Review Assignment
Graded: Module 3 Quiz
Module 4: Consumer Behavior
In this module, we will study the meaning of consumer behavior and the factors that influence it. We will explore the various factors that impact consumer perception of a product, and those that affect the adoption of a new product. We will also learn about the different variables that influence consumer buying behavior.
13 videos2 readings
  1. Reading: Module 4 Overview
  2. Reading: Module 4 Readings
  3. Video: Introduction to Consumer Behavior
  4. Video: Understanding Consumer Behavior
  5. Video: Cultural Factors
  6. Video: Social Factors
  7. Video: Personal Factors
  8. Video: Consumer Decision Making
  9. Video: Consumer Behavior and New Products
  10. Video: 4-2.1
  11. Video: 4-2.2
  12. Video: 4-2.3
  13. Video: 4-2.4
  14. Video: 4-2.5
  15. Video: 4-2.6
Graded: Module 4 Peer Review Assignment
Graded: Module 4 Quiz
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