Capstone MOOC for "Android App Development"

About this course: The Capstone project integrates material from throughout the Android App Development Specialization to exercise and assess the ability of learners to create an interesting Android app. Learners will apply knowledge and skills learned in previous MOOCs in this Specialization, including Java programming features; Android activity, broadcast receiver, service, and content provider (plus SQLite) components; and unit, integration, and user interface testing. The project itself is similar in scope to previous assignments in the earlier MOOCs in the Specialization. However, it is intentionally designed to enable learners to create a customized app that demonstrates their creativity and mastery of the Specialization topics.

Created by:  Vanderbilt University

  • Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt
    Taught by:  Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt, Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chair of the Computer Science and Engineering Program
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Michael Walker
    Taught by:  Michael Walker, Instructor - Graduate Student pursuing PhD in Computer Science

  • Dr. C. Jules White
    Taught by:  Dr. C. Jules White, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Basic Info
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
Capstone Overview
This module provides an introduction to the contents of the MOOC and summarizes effective learning strategies. In particular, it explains the specification and evaluation rubrics for the Android app that will be implemented by learners in the Capstone 
2 videos1 reading
  1. Video: Overview of the Capstone Project
  2. Reading: Summary of the Capstone Requirements and Evaluation Process
  3. Video: Milestone 1 Overview
Graded: Capstone Milestone 1 (Mandatory)
Week 2 Milestone
1 video
  1. Video: Milestone 2 Overview
Graded: Capstone Milestone 2 (Mandatory)
Week 3 Milestone
1 video
  1. Video: Milestone 3 Overview
Graded: Capstone Milestone 3 (Mandatory)
Capstone Final Submission
1 video
  1. Video: Final Submission Overview
Graded: Capstone Final Submission (Mandatory)
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