User Research and Design

About this course: In this course you will learn and practice techniques of user research and early UI design exploration. First, you will learn and practice several techniques for user research, including in-person research and survey and log-analysis techniques. Then, you will learn to analyze and deliver user research in forms that support UI design, including personas, use cases, tasks, and scenarios. Finally, you will learn and practice ideation techniques that start from user research and broadly generate potential design ideas.

Created by:  University of Minnesota

  • Loren Terveen
    Taught by:  Loren Terveen, Professor
    Computer Science and Engineering

  • Haiyi Zhu
    Taught by:  Haiyi Zhu, Assistant Professor
    Computer Science and Engineering

  • Lana Yarosh
    Taught by:  Lana Yarosh, Assistant Professor
    Computer Science and Engineering

  • Dr. Brent Hecht
    Taught by:  Dr. Brent Hecht, Assistant Professor
    Computer Science and Engineering

  • Joseph A Konstan
    Taught by:  Joseph A Konstan, Distinguished McKnight Professor and Distinguished University Teaching Professor
    Computer Science and Engineering
Basic Info
Course 2 of 5 in the User Interface Design Specialization.
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Note that weeks 1 and 2 form a cohesive whole, with more lecture content in week 1, and more practice (assignment and quizzing) in week 2. 
2 videos
  1. Video: From User Research to Design
  2. Video: An Introduction to the Course
User Research Methods — Part 1
6 videos
  1. Video: Introduction to User Research
  2. Video: Interview and Focus Groups
  3. Video: Observations
  4. Video: Contextual Inquiry
  5. Video: Ethics and Consent
  6. Video: Design a User Research Protocol
User Research Methods — Part 2
3 videos1 reading1 practice quiz
  1. Video: Log Analysis
  2. Video: Surveys and Questionnaires
  3. Video: Assignment Video: Observing Users
  4. Reading: Observation Assigment Overview
  5. Practice Quiz: Observation Review Practice
Graded: Formative Observations of 2 Users
Graded: User Research Methods Quiz
Analyzing and Delivering User Research
The 3rd and 4th week of the course are intended to be a unit, with more lecture content in week 3, and more practice (assignment and quizzing) in week 4. 
8 videos
  1. Video: Introduction: Translating User Research to Support Design
  2. Video: Qualitative Analysis
  3. Video: Quantitative Analysis
  4. Video: Personas I: What They Are; How They're Used
  5. Video: Personas II: Walking Through Examples
  6. Video: Use Cases
  7. Video: Tasks and Walkthrough Scenarios
  8. Video: Implications for Design
Ideation and Idea Selection
5 videos
  1. Video: From Research to Ideas: Module Introduction
  2. Video: Ideation
  3. Video: Idea Selection
  4. Video: Communicating Ideas to Stakeholders
  5. Video: Assignment Video: Ideation and Selection
Graded: Idea Generation & Selection Peer Review
Graded: Delivering User Research, Ideation, and Idea Selection
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