Digital Marketing Channels: Planning

About this course: Learn the role of digital channels in an integrated marketing campaign and why you need a digital strategy. Interact with the content and hear from industry experts invited to join the course. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price.

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  • Rhiannon Clifton
    Taught by:    Rhiannon Clifton, Program Director
    Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising
Basic Info
Course 5 of 6 in the Digital Marketing Specialization.
Commitment4 weeks of study, 8-10 hours/week
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Course Overview and Optimizing Your Digital Assets
In this module, you will learn the best practices for successful online copywriting and SEO, how specialized search can affect your rankings, and how to plan, set up, and run your own search campaign. 
15 videos9 readings3 readings
  1. Video: Welcome to Digital Marketing Channels: Planning
  2. Reading: Syllabus
  3. Reading: About the Discussion Forums
  4. Reading: Glossary
  5. Reading: Brand Descriptions
  6. Reading: About the Rubric for Peer Assessment
  7. Reading: Social Media
  8. Reading: Getting to Know Your Classmates
  9. Practice Quiz: Orientation Quiz
  10. Reading: Module 1 Overview
  11. Reading: Module 1 Readings
  12. Video: 1-1.1 Lesson Objectives
  13. Video: 1-1.2 Understanding UX Design
  14. Video: 1-1.3 Core Principles of UX Design
  15. Video: 1-1.4 Mobile UX
  16. Video: 1-1.5 Design Steps
  17. Video: 1-1.6 Web Design and Development
  18. Video: 1-1.7 Writing for Digital
  19. Video: 1-1.8 What We've Learned
  20. Practice Quiz: Lesson 1-1 Practice Quiz
  21. Video: 1-2.1 Lesson Objectives
  22. Video: 1-2.2 Overview of SEO
  23. Video: 1-2.3 SEO Nuts & Bolts
  24. Video: 1-2.4 SEM Overview
  25. Video: 1-2.5 What We've Learned
  26. Practice Quiz: Lesson 1-2 Practice Quiz
  27. Video: Module 1 Review
Graded: Module 1 Peer Assessment
Graded: Module 1 Quiz
Online and Video Marketing
In this module, you will learn how and where to place your online advertising, the process of producing successful online videos, and paid, earned, and owned methods of promoting online video. 
12 videos2 readings2 readings
  1. Reading: Module 2 Overview
  2. Reading: Module 2 Readings
  3. Video: 2-1.1 Lesson Objectives
  4. Video: 2-1.2 Online Advertising Overview
  5. Video: 2-1.3 Types of Display Advertising
  6. Video: 2-1.4 Buying Online Advertising
  7. Video: 2-1.5 How to Run An Online Ad Campaign
  8. Video: 2-1.6 What We've Learned
  9. Practice Quiz: Lesson 2-1 Practice Quiz
  10. Video: 2-2.1 Lesson Objectives
  11. Video: 2-2.2 Video Production
  12. Video: 2-2.3 Promoting Your Video
  13. Video: 2-2.4 Advantages, Challenges, and Summary
  14. Video: 2-2.5 What We've Learned
  15. Practice Quiz: Lesson 2-2 Practice Quiz
  16. Video: Module 2 Review
Graded: Module 2 Peer Assessment
Graded: Module 2 Quiz
Social and Email Marketing
In this module, you will learn the best ways to engage with audiences on social channels, social media strategy creation and execution, how to plan and execute an email campaign, and the effective campaign measurement.  
14 videos2 readings2 readings
  1. Reading: Module 3 Overview
  2. Reading: Module 3 Readings
  3. Video: 3-1.1 Lesson Objectives
  4. Video: 3-1.2 Introduction to Social Media
  5. Video: 3-1.3 Social Media Channels
  6. Video: 3-1.4 Tracking and Analyzing the Social Campaigns
  7. Video: 3-1.5 Using Social Media to Solve Business Problems
  8. Video: 3-1.6 Creating A Social Media Strategy
  9. Video: 3-1.7 Documents and Processes
  10. Video: 3-1.8 What We've Learned
  11. Practice Quiz: Lesson 3-1 Practice Quiz
  12. Video: 3-2.1 Lesson Objectives
  13. Video: 3-2.2 Email Strategy and Planning
  14. Video: 3-2.3 Email Marketing, Step-By-Step
  15. Video: 3-2.4 Advantages and Challenges
  16. Video: 3-2.5 What We've Learned
  17. Practice Quiz: Lesson 3-2 Practice Quiz
  18. Video: Module 3 Review
Graded: Module 3 Peer Assessment
Graded: Module 3 Quiz
Putting It All Together for Your Digital Plan
In this module, you will learn a variety of mobile messaging channels and applications, the role that mobile plays in an integrated marketing strategy, how to track mobile activity, how to optimize your digital plan, and the best practices in digital. 
12 videos2 readings2 readings
  1. Reading: Module 4 Overview
  2. Reading: Module 4 Readings
  3. Video: 4-1.1 Lesson Objectives
  4. Video: 4-1.2 Introduction to Mobile
  5. Video: 4-1.3 Mobile Messaging Channels
  6. Video: 4-1.4 Mobile Commerce
  7. Video: 4-1.5 Wrapping up Mobile
  8. Video: 4-1.6 What We've Learned
  9. Practice Quiz: Lesson 4-1 Practice Quiz
  10. Video: 4-2.1 Lesson Objectives
  11. Video: 4-2.2 Integrated Digital Marketing
  12. Video: 4-2.3 Optimizing Your Plan
  13. Video: 4-2.4 Best Practices
  14. Video: 4-2.5 What We've Learned
  15. Practice Quiz: Lesson 4-2 Practice Quiz
  16. Video: Module 4 Review
Graded: Module 4 Peer Assessment
Graded: Module 4 Quiz
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