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This is the final project for the Teach English: Intermediate Grammar specialization. You should have basic knowledge of intermediate grammar and teaching methodology in order to complete this course. In this course, you will create a portfolio including all of the following for one specific intermediate grammar point: a lesson plan for the grammar point, a video of yourself introducing the grammar point, two related practice exercises or activities with handouts, an informal assessment, and a formal assessment with answer key. To do this, you will put into practice all of the skills that you have learned in the previous three courses. Finally, you will share your portfolio with other learners to demonstrate the skills you have learned and receive feedback, and you will get the chance to learn from others as you give them feedback on their portfolios. After you complete this course, you will have the skills you need to effectively create your own lesson plans, practice exercises and assessments needed to teach grammar to intermediate-level students.
Learners in this course must be able to create a video using a webcam, video camera, or smart phone and upload the video files or share the video as a link.

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  • Tamy Chapman
    Taught by:    Tamy Chapman, Instructor, International Programs
    University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education

Basic Info
Course 4 of 4 in the Teach English: Intermediate Grammar Specialization.
Commitment3-4 hours / week for 6 weeks
Hardware ReqLearners need to be able to create videos with a webcam, video camera, or smart phone.
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.


This week you'll learn about the project and start reviewing what you've learned in the previous courses so that you can plan for the assignment. In the next six weeks, you'll create a lesson plan, activities, assessments, and a video.  

5 readings
  1. Reading: Welcome!
  2. Peer Review: Introduce Yourself
  3. Reading: Project Directions and Grading
  4. Reading: Review Important Techniques from Course 1
  5. Reading: Review Important Techniques from Course 2
  6. Reading: Review Important Techniques from Course 3
  7. Peer Review: Discuss Your Ideas
Write Your Lesson Plan
This week, you will write a lesson plan to teach the grammar point you have chosen for the project. It should be specific and follow the specific requirements given. 

2 readings
  1. Reading: Create a Lesson Plan
  2. Reading: Resources for Creating Lesson Plans
  3. Peer Review: Discuss Your Progress
Make a Video of Your Teaching
You should have your lesson plan mostly planned by now and have a good idea of what your lesson will include. This week, create a video of yourself introducing your grammar point to your students. Give yourself a lot of time to do this because working with technology often takes more time than you expect.

1 reading
  1. Reading: Make a Video
  2. Peer Review: Discuss Your Progress
Create Practice Activities
Now, you will make the two practice activities for your students to practice the grammar. In addition to the practice activities, you need to create handouts of some type to go with each one. 

3 readings
  1. Reading: Practice Activity 1
  2. Reading: Practice Activity 2
  3. Reading: Resources for Creating Activities
  4. Peer Review: Discuss Your Progress
Create Assessments
Now, you'll make the assessments for your portfolio. The first one will be an informal assessment. The second one will be a formal assessment and will include an answer key or rubric. 

2 readings
  1. Reading: Informal Assessments
  2. Reading: Formal Assessments
  3. Peer Review: Discuss Your Progress
Submit the Portfolio
This week, you will finish any work on the portfolio that you haven't finished yet. Then you'll submit all of the pieces of it for feedback from other learners. You'll also give feedback to three others. 

2 readings
  1. Reading: Finish and Edit
  2. Reading: Learn More
Graded: Submit the Portfolio

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