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About this course: Are you interested in sport sponsorship? Would you like to understand which actors participate in sport sponsorship? Would you like to know the latest and innovative proposals that are arising in the sport sponsorship world? Are you interested in learning and connecting with sports enthusiasts/students from all around the world? The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Johan Cruyff Institute jointly offer this introductory course in sports sponsorship for all those interested in knowing how to create a sponsorship plan for a sports event. There are no special requirements to take the course. Thanks to this course you will be capable of facing a real challenge: the activation of a sponsorship plan for the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Who is this class for: Introductory course aimed at all sports fans interested in sport management. Specially designed for people interested in learning the basics of sport sponsorship. Also ideal for people interested in marketing, sponsorship or CSR, and for managers of foundations and nonprofit associations. We do not require any prerequisites to take the course.

Created by:   Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • Richard Denton
    Taught by:    Richard Denton, Freelance Sport Marketing Consultant and Professor
    Johan Cruyff Institute
Commitment5 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Module 0. Prior to Beginning
In this module you will find information on how the MOOC works. Within the information provided, you will find the rules for participating in a competition run by the Johan Cruyff Institute, the prize for which is a scholarship grant toward enrolment in the Postgraduate in Sport Sponsorship course. The competition is voluntary; you can by all means take the MOOC without having to enter the competition.

2 videos4 readings
  1. Video: What is a MOOC?
  2. Video: Introductory video Sport Sponsorship MOOC
  3. Reading: Before we start
  4. Reading: About the course
  5. Reading: Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Reading: Competition terms & conditions for the Johan Cruyff Institute Postgraduate in Sport Sponsorship programme scholarship grant
Module 1. Basic principles of Sponsorship
If you're here, then that means that you have carefully reviewed the basic information contained in Module 0. Perfect! so let's begin!. As you will see, in this module you will find both basic information regarding the sponsorship, as well as information regarding the Cruyff Foundation, in which is included the cross-sectional case study that we will be focusing on over the weeks. With the Cruyff Foundation, you can become better acquainted with sponsorship and how it is essential to a foundation, in order for it to carry out your business activity. Likewise, you can find out what a sporting event consists of, what a Cruyff Court is, and how this can fall in line with those being sponsored. However.. on a step-by-step basis, we have time... not knowing where to start? Take a look at "Module 1 Presentation".

5 videos4 readings
  1. Video: Module 1 Presentation
  2. Video: Basic principles of sponsorship
  3. Video: SPONSORSHIP. Basic principles and characteristics
  4. Video: PATRONAGE. Basic principles and characteristics
  5. Video: Video: Interview Pati Roura
  6. Reading: Visit the website of Johan Cruyff Foundation
  7. Reading: Cruyff Foundation: Because children should be active
  8. Reading: Introducing Richard Denton
  9. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Introduce yourself
  10. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Share your doubts concerning module 1
  11. Reading: Recommended videos
Graded: Module 1
Module 2. The stakeholders of the sport sponsorship
Are you prepared for the second module? Let's take a further step into the world of sport sponsorship, throughout this module will be taking into consideration the relationship between a brand and an event, i.e., between the sponsor and the party being sponsored. For this reason, in this week's case study section, you will find information concerning the Cruyff Courts of the Cruyff Foundation, given that this will be the event that we will later be challenging you to sponsor. In addition, you will also find interesting information concerning supplementary material.

6 videos4 readings
  1. Video: Module 2 Introduction
  2. Video: Main objectives of the sponsor
  3. Video: Stakeholders in sponsorship
  4. Video: Video: Interview Albert Amat
  5. Video: Video: Interview Joan Porcar
  6. Video: Video: Interview Cinto Ajram - Zurich Barcelona Marathon
  7. Reading: Cruyff Court Manual
  8. Reading: 6vs6 Cruyff Court Guide
  9. Reading: Videos: Cruyff Foundation and Cruyff Courts
  10. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Sponsor Activation
  11. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Share your doubts about module 2
  12. Reading: Recommended videos
Graded: Module 2
Module 3. Activation for Sport sponsorship (I)
We are already half way through the course. How are you getting on? In the following modules, we will work on four types of activation: brand, business, internal and fan/external. Now we will start with the brand and business. So that you can deepen your knowledge of these, we propose some key contents, as well as a forum space, for you to share examples and reflect on the same. In the forum space you will also find examples of last years' activations. Before posting your message, check that your example contains all of the information requested (your will find the guidelines inside each of forum spaces). Don't forget to also take a look at the supplementary materials that we suggested for you.

4 videos5 readings
  1. Video: Module 3 Introduction
  2. Video: Sponsorship activation
  3. Video: Video: Interview Annamari Basora
  4. Video: Rins van Kouwen about athletes and social networks
  5. Reading: Notes - Sponsorship Activation
  6. Reading: Videos about Cruyff Court
  7. Reading: Approximate costs: Cruyff Court 6vs6
  8. Reading: Instructions to participate in the forums
  9. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Brand activation
  10. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Business activation
  11. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Share your doubts about module 3
  12. Reading: Recommended videos
Graded: Module 3
Module 4. Activation for Sport sponsorship (II)
After working on the types of brand and business activation, we will focus on the internal and external activation. In the module you will also find a space to share examples that you may find throughout the forums. In reference to the case study, you will find some of the best proposals for Sponsorship activation that your peers from last year's edition, have carried out. With their permission, we will share these with you so that the values can kick-start your engine to begin creating your very own proposal. Lot's of creative energy and let's hope that you enjoy this module.

2 videos4 readings
  1. Video: Introduction Module 4
  2. Video: Sponsorship activation (II)
  3. Reading: Sponsorship activation - Examples
  4. Reading: Examples sponsorship activations
  5. Reading: Instructions to participate in the forums
  6. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Internal activation
  7. Discussion Prompt: Forum: External activation
  8. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Share your doubts about module 4
  9. Reading: Recommended videos
Graded: Quiz Module 4
Module 5. Share your activation proposal for a Cruyff Court tournament
¡Congratulations! You've already reached the last module, and therefore it's time to create your very own sponsorship activation proposal for a Cruyff Court tournament, as we arranged with Pep in the last week. In the module you'll find all the guidelines to prepare this. Once completed, you should submit the proposal to the department, as indicated, where it will be evaulated by some of your peers. Likewise, you will also need to evaluate the proposal of fellow peers under the heading that you will find in the module. If you would like to participate in the prize for a place in the Posgraduate in Sport Sponsorship, you must complete the respective Application Form.

2 readings
  1. Discussion Prompt: Forum: Share your doubts about module 5
  2. Reading: Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Sponsorship Scholarship
  3. Reading: To support the Cruyff Foundation, make a donation and get children active!
Graded: Activation proposal Cruyff Court
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